WBG management decided to announce for celebration “vision 2025” end of year 2025 and celebration country (will decide through members online feedback choice & suggestion as per majority votes or could be any EU country) ,venue & date will decide before end of march 2025 and inform to all members through email & whatsApp.  

  1. All members will received WBG miniature logo medal “vision 2025” through registered post before end of year 2025.
  2. All members will received WBG ID card.
  3. All members will received WBG cooperation & participation certificate.
  4. All members will eligible to join celebration party with welcome lecture followed by dinner.
  5. WBG will assist & provide supporting letter to get visa in host country.
  6. WBG prize lucky draw for both members separately means paid (including Apex) member and free member. 
  7. WBG Society prize lucky draw will be separately means paid (including Apex) member and free member.
  8. WBG prize lucky draw for both  separately means WBG Business (including WBG Global, Inter, Partners, Invest, Royal Networks) & WBG Society.
  9. Total 4 “WBG prize lucky draw” will organize separately means 2 lucky draw from each means 2 for WBG Business & 2 WBG Society.
  10. Several Prize including Mega Prize BMW/Mercedes car etc.
  1. Still under preparation & draft and we are sorry for inconvenient & late due to pandemic COVID-19 but gradually publishing.
  2. List of WBG Gift and Prize lucky draw including Mega Prize lacky draw not yet finalized due to pandemic COVID-19 but as per old Board decision above list display and mentioned.
  3. world facing challenges and problems due to pandemic COVID-19 and so many restriction on event or function and every country have own guidelines for entering guests that’s why could be changes in planning schedule or could be extend or postponed as per current situation in March 2025.
  4. Before March 2025 we will get feedback choice & suggestions from all members through digital campaign within registered members.
  5. Celebration will be physical & virtual and depending on confirmation of participation members.
  6. if in case confirmation will high for physical participation then will check from host country  government  authority to get maximum number of allow for physical function otherwise will divide organize function in different countries could be 10-20 countries so that we accommodate our members guest.   
  7. This occasion will occur after successful achievement vision 2025 means after successful achievement 1 million members (if incase some or any problem occur due to pandemic COVID-19 then the celebration date or year will extend or postpone and next day will be decide though online member feedback & suggestion.)
  8. if countries authority will not give permission then could be postpone or organize virtually.
  9. At present all information are forecasted or planned but could be changes according to present circumstance and government permission as well as registered members  confirmation in March 2025.
  10. WBG Board don’t have any legal obligation, responsibilities and bonding if present circumstance not supported or government authority not give permission or  pandemic COVID-19 continue or not success to achieve our members achievement goal.